Redeemed Warriors 

“I've been a part of the Redeemed Warriors group for coming up on two years. What I love about it, is the sense of home and safety it provides. Unlike other support groups, this is a place where you can really get to know other men that share the same struggles you have, without fear of judgement. The group is very open, and helps us get in touch with our feelings in a safe environment, while providing topics that are relevant and important to all aspects of addiction and recovery. I would highly recommend this group to anyone regardless of where they are in their own recovery journey.” - Jason R.

“There’s a sense of community among the men in the RW accountability group. We can relate to & support each other so we feel less alone. In my experience, I was sober in isolation but I didn’t find recovery until I got connected with other men facing the same struggle. Dan facilitates the group and provides a safe, healthy, welcoming and healing environment.' - R. P.  

“I felt hopelessly stuck and losing faith. I thought to myself, “God, will I ever overcome this addiction?” My porn addiction had a vice like grip over me. It had cost me two marriages and numerous intimate relationships. I thought all was lost. When I met Dan Andrew, (Thank you God!) I was defeated and I told him “I have no hope left.” Dan took the time to speak with me and listen to me. He was a calming presence for the storm that was raging inside of me. I am so happy I took the first step committed to Redeemed Warriors. It has been a godsend for me and it can be for you too. You do not have to live with guilt and shame anymore. This is not going to be easy and will take tremendous effort on your part. Take that first step and reach out to Dan.” - Anonymous

“I have been attending the group for nine months now. It has been a very helpful recovery tool for me in finding restoration and freedom from unwanted sexual behaviors and flawed thinking.  The leader and creator of the Redeemed Warrior program, Dan Andrew, is a very knowledgeable and good Christian man who knows the ins and outs of recovery, since he has over a dozen years of sobriety himself. The group has accountability processes with weekly check-ins of the group members, and feedback is offered from other members if the man who shared says its ok for feedback. We have also watched helpful videos like, Pure Desire’s Conqueror series by Dr. Ted Roberts. Then if there is time, we may share on what we got from watching the video. I think this is a good Christ-centered group to join.” - Ron C. 

'Dan and the Redeemed Warriors have been extremely beneficial for me on my recovery journey. This group has played a key role in helping me hold myself accountable to the promises I made not only to my wife, but to myself to be a better man. Dan does a wonderful job of fostering an environment of openness and honesty, and I have never felt any judgement from any man in the group. It feels good to know I’m not in this alone!'

- Matt