Defend Integrity at All 



As a BraveHearts-Certified Sexual Integrity Mentor, I offer research-driven tools and techniques to combat 

habitual sexual sin and judgment-free support to help you get free.



This Is Not Your Ordinary Sexual Integrity Support Group 

  • Practical tools to fight the habitual sexual sin patterns in your life.
  • A broad base of recovery curriculum. There are many good resources out there.  We will glean the best information from many different experts.
  • Accountability as you examine what’s working and what’s not in your recovery.
  • Challenges and support as you examine and go after the root causes of the
    unhealthy behaviors.
  • Encouragement and support as you examine family of origin issues that shaped
    your unhealthy coping skills.
  • This is not meant to replace your existing support groups but rather to supplement them.
  • This group is currently meeting  online due to COVID 19 
  • Wed.  evenings from 7-9 PM.


Dan Andrew, Certified Sexual Integrity Mentor

Dan is a gratefully recovering sex addict w/ 14+ years of sobriety. He has been where you have been and has gotten to where you want to go.

Men's Weekly Sexual Integrity Support Group

My wife, Angie Andrew, is a BraveHearts and APSATS-trained (Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists) mentor who works exclusively with women experiencing the pain surrounding a spouse’s betrayal and sexual addiction. Your wife can expect individual mentoring, support groups and 

workshops that give her the focus and priority that she deserves.

Mentoring for Spouses


$125/ 1 hour session 

Dan and his wife Angie offer couple's mentoring sessions via Zoom. Focus can include; helping to get 'unstuck,' improving communication skills, developing empathy for each other, and providing hope and encouragement where there may currently be little.  You can expect to be gently encouraged to:

  • Look at long standing unhealthy relationship patterns for the purpose of changing to healthier more productive methods.
  • Try different ways of communicating so that you can be heard by the other.
  • To learn how to safely engage in verbal conflict.
  • Tools to create emotional safety for each member of the coupleship.
  • Follow through on the suggestions given by your counselors or therapists and guidance as to how you might accomplish that.

Couples Mentoring



Zoom video conferencing enables me to travel around the country or globe to meet other men seeking redemption. 

Face-to-face and commute-free, Zoom makes your recovery even more accessible.  

If video conferencing isn’t the right fit for you, let’s meet by phone or in-person.

Dial in with ZOOM

One-on-One Mentoring

Our foremost goal is to break free from habitual sexual addiction through the structure and discipline of one-on-one guidance. You can expect:

  • Tools to end acting-out behaviors
  • Discovering the root issues behind your addiction
  • Weekly check-ins at the beginning of each session to evaluate the week
  • Workbook-based curriculum: 1 lesson a week
  • Self-reflection and mentoring to reveal blind spots regarding habits and behaviors
  • Building your recovery and accountability support team
  • Referrals to licensed counselors to address unresolved past issues
  • 60-minute virtual session